We are looking for guidance from our faculty at Stuyvesant.

Recommend an artist.

We want to bring a varied group of artists to our school. We are interested in any art form that you think is not well-represented at Stuyvesant or any unusual way of using the arts that you find appealing.

Lead a discussion.

One of our main objectives for our events is to foster student-artist discourse. To improve our current Q&A sessions, we would love to have teachers join us! We are interested in your opinions and experience with education to connect student and professional perspectives. What do you think of Stuyvesant’s existing art classes? How do you think art can be integrated into schools?

Assist us with promotion.

We are constantly seeking to increase our audience. We love to have all types of students at our events, regardless of artistic experience. We want to encourage all students to step out of their comfort zone and have the curiosity to learn something new. You can help by spreading the word to your students!

If you want to assist us in any of these ways, please contact Maya Kaul Soni at stuyvesantartimmersionproject@gmail.com.

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